Conquering the Next Milestone

April 24, 2024

This new podcast episode features a conversation with Jon Greenwald.

With over two decades in healthcare and technology, Jon Greenwald is the co-founder and leader of Caira Surgical and has pioneered Radar Surgical Tracking and other innovative technologies to enhance joint replacement surgery. He has successfully launched and grown new businesses that leveraged proprietary technologies to transform industries that delivered top-line growth and profitability. In addition, he has secured and served as Principal Investigator on two $1M+ grants from the National Science Foundation to develop new surgical technologies. His areas of expertise include technology development, start-up and early-stage operations, commercialization, global supply chain and manufacturing, partnerships and alliances, non-dilutive funding, VC, and strategic partnerships.

Below is a summary of the conversation:

Jon Greenwald’s interview provides a compelling look into his expansive career within the medical device sector, specifically his foundational role at Caira Surgical. Greenwald’s trajectory in medtech, particularly in orthopedics, reveals a depth of experience from his early days to his current endeavors in advancing surgical technology. His tenure is highlighted by a commitment to integrating innovative solutions such as Radar Surgical Tracking to enhance orthopedic surgery globally.

Greenwald speaks to the essence of innovation and the necessity of humility and continual learning in the ever-changing landscape of medical technology. His experiences underscore the importance of adaptability and strategic thinking, particularly in the startup ecosystem where he has thrived. Greenwald’s insights reflect a profound understanding of the industry’s challenges and the critical role of partnerships and networks in overcoming these hurdles and achieving significant milestones.

Throughout the discussion, Jon reiterates the value of a meticulous approach to both technology development and company growth, emphasizing his dedication to improving surgical outcomes through advanced technologies. This dedication not only highlights his leadership at Caira Surgical but also his broader impact on the medical device community, driven by a belief in the transformative power of medtech solutions in addressing complex health challenges.

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