Developing Medtech with Excellence, Transparency, Agility, and Dedication

December 1, 2023

In our latest episode of Favorable Environments, we speak with Dr. Vincent Keereman. He is the Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Xeos, a medtech company with the goal to eliminate the risk of resurgery through smarter specimen imaging. Vincent has dual Master’s degrees in Electronics Engineering and Medicine from Ghent University. He earned his PhD in Biomedical Engineering in 2011, specializing in PET-MR imaging, and became a board-certified Neurologist in 2018. In addition to being a co-founder and clinical advisor of other medtech spin-offs, Vincent is an Associate Professor at Ghent University.

Below is a summary of our conversation.

Dr. Vincent Keereman’s academic background in electronics engineering and medicine, along with his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering and neurology specialization, underpins his unique approach to medtech innovation. His dual expertise allows him to intersect technological innovation with clinical applications, a theme recurrent in his ventures.

Xeos, founded in 2019, aims to revolutionize surgery and improve surgical outcomes. Dr. Keereman emphasizes the potential of molecular imaging in visualizing pathologies beyond traditional diagnostic uses. The company’s pioneering interoperative specimen PETCT imaging allows surgeons to verify the resection of targeted lesions during surgery, thus reducing the risk of incomplete tumor removal and subsequent surgeries.

A key to Xeos’ success is the strong company culture and team dynamics. Dr. Keereman highlights the importance of a team aligned with company values — excellence, transparency, agility, and dedication. He credits the youthful and dynamic team for adapting to the evolving needs of the company, from R&D to business development and market expansion.

Dr. Keereman’s leadership philosophy centers on spotting and nurturing talent, emphasizing a hands-off approach that allows team members to take ownership and responsibility within their roles. This approach has been instrumental in driving the company’s milestones, including CE certification and FDA clearance, marking significant progress in product development and market readiness.

Looking ahead, while Xeos remains focused on its current product, future expansion into software and other devices is considered. The ongoing challenge is ensuring the product’s successful integration into clinical practice. Dr. Keereman also addresses the balance between personal and professional life, acknowledging the indispensable support of his family in his entrepreneurial journey.

In conclusion, Dr. Vincent Keereman’s journey with Xeos exemplifies the fusion of engineering and medical expertise in advancing healthcare technology. His leadership style and emphasis on a strong team and company culture are central to the company’s innovative strides in medtech.

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