Driving Global Access to Life-Saving Therapies

January 23, 2024

This podcast episode features a conversation with Jason Foster, CEO of Ori Biotech, who discussed his varied career and insights into the biotech industry. Foster’s journey began in politics and healthcare policy in Washington, D.C., where he recognized the private sector’s crucial role in healthcare innovation. This realization spurred him to attend business school, leading to a significant role in a pharmaceutical company. His work there, marked by substantial growth, eventually took him to London to oversee European operations.

Foster’s career pivot to startups and healthcare investments reflects his passion for innovative healthcare solutions. He emphasizes the importance of assembling a strong team and the ability to solve complex problems in the startup environment. This approach is evident in his leadership at Ori Biotech, a company focused on revolutionizing cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

At Ori Biotech, Foster addresses the challenges of making advanced therapies accessible and affordable. He discusses the technological innovations and manufacturing strategies employed by Ori to streamline the production of these therapies. His vision is to democratize cell and gene therapies, making them available to a broader patient population.

The interview also delves into the broader implications of Ori Biotech’s work in the healthcare sector. Foster highlights the potential impact of their technology in transforming patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. He underscores the significance of collaboration between the private sector, academia, and regulatory bodies in advancing healthcare innovation.

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