University Center – Sioux Falls and the USD Discovery District constitute a 252-acre site that includes two classroom buildings and the Graduate Education and Applied Research (GEAR) Center. The combined site boundaries are 60th St. North, Marion Road, Interstate 29 and the future 54th St.

Career Avenue runs north-south through the site and it conveniently located within 1 mile of three interstate interchanges: I-90 and Marion Road; I-29 and 60th St. N., and I-29 and Benson Road.

The site enjoys close proximity to several other amenities and developments, including:

  • Adjacent to University Hills apartments and mixed use development
  • Adjacent to the Campus Crossing commercial development
  • Adjacent to single family housing
  • 1 mile from hotel facilities
  • 2 miles from Southeast Technical Institute
  • 2 miles from the ZEAL Center for Entrepreneurship
  • 2 miles from the Sanford Sports Complex
  • 3 miles from Elmwood golf course
  • 4 miles from the Sioux Falls Regional Airport
  • 5 miles from downtown Sioux Falls